3. Oct, 2020


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Hello, thanks for taking the time to call in. We appreciate your visit very much.

Kalypso Gold Radio was created for anyone and everyone that enjoys great music we call "Yesterday's Pops,-Todays Classics." Music of the 60's through to 2010, with the addition of music we predict will become the "Pop Classics Of The Future."

I've been thinking about lots of things lately...including Christmas and whether to broadcast a Breakfast Show on December 25th and 26th. Let me know what you think via our email address, kalypsogoldradio@gmail.com

Kalypso Gold Radio Presenters-We have presenters from UK. Some of the finest in the business and many with years of experience. Take a look at our Schedule to see who they are. The page is incomplete at the moment and being updated as information becomes available.

If you are looking to join us as either a "LIVE" show presenter or as a presenter of a pre recorded show, go to our contact page and contact us. We may ask you to provide us with a sample of your work.

31/102020 What a week this past week has been, server issues galore (server is that piece of software that actually transmits the shows we bring to you. We feed IT...IT feeds. you) On Thursday we were joined by listeners to Shakyradio, a very special radio station set up by people with Parkinson's Disease FOR people with Parkinson's Disease. Not just that, but also for the the families of sufferers, and their carers. Kalypso Gold Radio is proud to be working with the station, as we are proud to be associated with the other stations that take Rise & Shine-The Breakfast Show, from us.

Early Christmas On Kalypso Gold? Not exactly, but because people have had a lot to contend with this year, and the current second England wide lockdown lowering morale to a degree, we thought we would take early requests for Christmas songs this year. From December 1st we will accept requests via kalypsogoldradio@gmail.com There will be a limited amount of requests played each week as we don't want to be like some high street stores/shopping malls and get on peoples nerves with wall to wall Christmas songs too soon. BUT, we will enjoy some songs...and why not.

November 11th 2020 Christmas Day Breakfast Show and Schedule

In recent years there has been a live 2 hour Christmas Day Breakfast Show. This year, 2020, will be no diffrent. A LIVE Christmas Day Breakfast Show will be broadcast from our studios in Whitstable Town. Prior to that there will be a LIVE edition of Daybreak with presenter Nettan Bjorck. We look forward to sharing Christmas morning with you-our friends and listeners. Request for the show or indeed for any show should be sent either via our contact page or directly to kalypsogoldradio@gmail.com

December 4th 2020

At Kalypso Gold Radio planning for schedule changes is well under way. The new schedule will start on Sunday January 3rd 2021. Sadly some shows will not be carried over to that schedule. Looking on the bright side though, presenters new to the station will be joining us, more LIVE shows are anticipated along with specialist shows celebrating some of the best artists and their work. Let us know via the Contact page if you have any artists in mind that you'd like featured.